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Funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services

HIV Early Intervention Services (HEI)


Individuals that test positive for the HIV virus and have chemical dependency issues are eligible for services provided through the PALM HEI program.


The HEI program was established to assist HIV-positive individuals with substance abuse problems to engage in additional needed services, such as substance abuse treatment and mental health services.  This program provides case management, referrals for medical needs, transportation, nutritional support, and other services identified as needed through the assessment process.


The HEI program collaborates with various educational, mental health, substance abuse, social, government and church organizations to assist clients in accessing needed services.  Staff also  participates in a variety of community consortiums and coalitions in order to promote public health and awareness.


Transportation is provided through case management services to clients enrolled in this program.  A food pantry program is available to clients who qualify for HEI services to serve  as a supplemental and emergency food supply for clients, as well as an incentive for continued engagement for clients.


Support groups are available to clients who are HIV-positive to process and address personal issues related to living with HIV/AIDS.