Land Manor, Inc.

Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
P.A.L.M. Center
Project AIDS Land Manor

Funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services


PALM Center Outreach Workers are trained by the Texas Department of State Health Services as Risk Reduction Specialists.  Outreach workers offer free testing as well risk reduction aids to those whose drug use make them most likely to participate in high risk behaviors.  Teams of outreach workers infiltrate areas where drug use, sex workers and homeless individuals are prevalent.  These workers target populations that have been identified through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as being high risk for contracting sexually or intravenously transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis C, Syphilis and HIV. 


PALM Center staff assist clients and their family members in gaining access to substance abuse treatment and mental health services if needed. Transportation to treatment, support group meetings, and health appointments is provided by staff.

Our Risk Reduction Specialists are trained by the Texas Department of State Health Services and provide HIV risk reduction counseling to indivduals who are at risk for contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.  In addition, staff provides the latest approved risk and harm reduction materials to clients at no cost.  Staff provide demonstrations and information on how to properly use these harm and risk reduction items (male/females condoms, safe crack smoking kits, bleach kits for cleaning syringes, etc.).